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Hi there! I’m Audrey Stone, a graphic designer who recently moved from the green mountains of Vermont to the towering peaks of Colorado.


I think you should know a few things about me. I was born and raised in Nebraska. That’s right, Nebraska – it’s flat and has lots of cows and corn. I’ve won two trophies in my life, one with a tractor on top and another with a chicken. I like to say Nebraskans are loyal, hardworking, and friendly. Even though the first 18 years of my life were full of agricultural adventures, I am extremely thankful for my current life of apples and mice as tools for design.


Creating is my favorite. I love making something out of nothing, or something out of anything. That may sound cliché or cheesy, but that’s how I feel – I need to make things, it’s who I am.


I hope you will do it – reach out to me! I look forward to chatting about how we can work together. Let’s meet soon.

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