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Project Overview

Develop a professional visual brand for Eat, Fire, Farm’s Wood Fired Pizza, including a detailed and simplified logo, and color palette. Implemented digitally, on merchandise, and in print marketing collateral.

Initial Concepts

Below is the inspiration spreadsheet the client filled out. 

I built-in a “do or do not like” column to gather a well-rounded understanding of the client’s visual preferences.


When I combed through the client’s preferences a few phrases stood out:

Below are those phrases translated into visual designs.

Trianglular shapes

Design details include triangles that mimic a slice of pizza

Text and design elements create a shape

Arced text shape mimics a pizza oven

Badge style logo without shape container

  • Text Heirarchy

    • Pizza: primary offering of the business 

      • Solid Red Line​

    • Eat, Fire, Farm: secondary, how the primary function of the business 

      • Green Dashed Line​

  • Symbol

    • Flame highlights what sets the business apart from it’s competitors -- wood fire pizza oven

      • Blue Dotted Line​


Bulbous forms and “whiplash” curves

Flame and design accent shapes ebb and flow with energy and elegance

Art Nouveau

Font option with secondary lines bring a visual sense of free movement

Old World Elegant

Serif font options bring refinement

Bronze Accents

Burnt orange brings bronze vibes to this color palette option, complimented with a lush and rich dark blue. Warm, soft brown balances this bold palette with softness.

Red, Green, White

A variety of red hues, from tomatoe sauce to earthy brick, offer different brick-fired pizza inspired options. Farm to table greens are paired to compliment the bold reds.

Round 1: Logo and primary color palette options.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback Top

“These all look so great! Thank you, we are all very happy. Everyone we share these with are very impressed...


Text: Option 4 is a favorite with the flame from Opt 2. 


Image: Option 2 with just the oven surround /entrance & floor detail is another idea we had. 


Color: Color palette from option 2, try switching red from option three. Color on option 5 is also great.


Special events: Still love options 1 & 2 for one off advertising for events/ the island fair and  printing on  sweatshirts etc. with the consistent flame on opt 2!!!”

Option 4 with the flame from Opt 2. 

Option 2 with just the oven surround/entrance & floor detail.

• Option 2, switch red from option 3 

• Option 5 is great

Options 1 & 2 with the consistent flame on opt 2

Round 2: Logo and Primary Color Palette Options

Round 2: Symbol Options

Client’s requested a more ornate option to use for special events.

Final Selections

The final logo, symbol, and color palette came together using visual problem solving, user feedback, an expert design eye, and digital design skills.

This strong visual brand will increase customer recognition and differentiate the business from competitors, which can improve sales. When customers easily identify and remember the Eat Fire Farm Pizza brand, loyalty, trust, and credibility increase, resulting in long-term revenue growth through customer retention.

Consistent, visually appealing branding tie together a cohesive and compelling message, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing efforts which result in higher sales. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to create a unique, robust visual brand for Eat Fire Farm Pizza. 

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